College Planning Timetable

WHRHS College Planning Timetable


Freshmen Year

  • Choose a schedule with some academic rigor
  • Check Infinite Campus regularly to keep on top of your grades
  • Seek extra help with teachers if needed
  • Start to build your transcript.Remember that the grades you earn as freshmen will be part of your high school transcript.All grades are important!
  • Meet and get to know your school counselor
  • Start to explore clubs/activities/sports
  • Think about what you’d like your resume and transcript to look like as a senior applying to college and start to make a plan

Sophomore Year

  • Choose a schedule of courses as rigorous as you can handle.Maybe try an honors or AP class if suggested by your teacher
  • Continue to check Infinite Campus and work hard to earn to good grades
  • Continue building a transcript that you can be proud of
  • Meet with your school counselor
  • Get involved in clubs/activities/sports
  • Take the PSATs in October
  • Start to think about a plan for after high school by exploring your Naviance Family Connection
  • Think about using February or April school vacations to start to look at colleges

Junior Year

  • Start junior year off strong.Choose challenging courses as long as you can handle them.
  • Take the PSAT in October
  • Attend the annual Whitman-Hanson/Silver Lake College Fair held in the fall
  • If you haven’t already, start your college research using Naviance
  • Attend the College Admissions Seminar held in January – students and parents are invited
  • As a follow-up to the College Admissions Seminar, parents are invited to attend Junior Parent Coffee with Counselors to discuss timely junior college planning tips and information in an informal setting.
  • As an additional follow up, we invite parents to attend our annual Naviance Night
  • Communicate openly and honestly about college plans and finances.
  • Attend open house days and spring college fairs.
  • Make a "long list" of 10 - 12 colleges including a couple of "long shots", some "sure bets", and some "strong possibilities".Call or e-mail colleges to request admissions information.
  • Start the application process immediately for ROTC Scholarships and/or Service Academy Appointments.
  • Discuss "Early Decision" with your school counselor.
  • Use February and April vacation for visiting colleges.
  • Plan to attend the Boston National College Fair Field Trip with the school counseling staff.
  • Take the March or May SAT.Speak to your counselor to see if the ACT test might be a good choice for you.
  • Take the May or June SAT Subject Tests if the colleges you are considering require them.
  • Choose rigorous academic classes for senior year and finish your junior year with the very best grades possible!
  • Review college materials and make college visits.
  • Be ready to return to school in late August with some concrete ideas of schools to which you want to apply.


Senior Year


  • Finish your college essay
  • Sign up for the October or November SAT
  • Sign up for the SAT Subject Tests if the colleges to which you are applying require them
  • Be sure to send you official SAT/ACT score reports to colleges
  • Meet with your school counselor regarding college planning
  • Refine your college list to a manageable number
  • Ask several teachers who know you well, from junior or senior year, to write letters of recommendation.Don’t forget to give a hand written thank you note to teachers that wrote for you.
  • Turn in your pink transcript request sheet to school counseling two weeks in advance of your college application deadlines
  • Complete your college applications in time to meet Early Action, Early Decision, or Regular Decision deadlines
  • Attend the annual Financial Aid Seminar
  • File for financial aid.Everyone should complete the FAFSA as soon as possible after October 1
  • Complete the CSS Profile if your colleges need that.
  • Notify your counselor of college acceptances
  • Attend the annual scholarship assembly in March
  • Complete and submit Dollars for Scholars applications by March 15th
  • Complete and submit Local and Community Scholarship Applications by the deadline in early April
  • Celebrate! It’s graduation!
  • Send hand written thank you notes to scholarship donors
  • Congratulations and good luck from the school counseling department


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